Monday, November 21, 2016

Magic Garden Murals: Toadstool Wall

Here is the Toadstool wall in the set of 3 garden themed murals for the Daycare center. This one has to be my least favorite. I wished I'd chosen different colors for everything to make it either more realistic or more interesting to look at and the gnomes came out looking rushed and sloppy to me. But everyone seems happy with them so, I'll leave them be.

Size: XX
Time: 87 hours total
Medium: Rustoleum oil paints.

Magic Garden Murals: Fairy Wall

Here is the Fairy wall completed of the set of 3 garden themed murals for the Daycare center. I love how this turned out. Strangely enough, the unicorns are my favorite part. I used regular hair for their hair but when I mixed the paints, they ended up going a shade darker faster than I wanted, so it left the shine part of the hair extra light and bright, so it actually looks like silken gold. And the horns came out magical, looking exactly like metal! But my favorite is when you lay your hand on the hind quarters of the mother unicorn, because of the layers of gloss paint, it feels creamy smooth and cool to the touch, like you're actually petting her. Everyone loves the fairies but the unicorns are my fav.

Size: 8'6" x 7'4"
Time: 87 hours(total with 3 walls)
Medium: Rustoleum oil paints

Magic Garden Murals: Valley Wall

Here is the Valley wall in the set of 3 garden themed murals I was doing for the Daycare center. This is my favorite. So many little things that made me happy to discover and I'm a particular fan of the green fields and forests beyond the hills. My absolute favorite is the dancing frog and salamander, though.

Size: 7'3" x 7'
Time: 87 hours(total with 3 walls)
Medium: Rustoleum oil paints

Saturday, November 12, 2016

2 Weeks Daycare Magic Garden Murals

So, hanging onto my anger and pain over what happened has done nothing for me and in order to focus on the project at all, I needed to let go of the lost mural and find a love for what I was putting in its place. It was a struggle but one that I have come out the other side of, finding new strengths and new rewards.

 So, all the gnomes on the gnome wall are colored. The only thing left to do are the colors purple and yellow(the caterpillar is going to be a monarch so will have the black, yellow, and white stripes. I put the white down first since it'll be the easiest to paint over with the other striped colors). Then black for the gnomes eyes.

 This wall surprised me the most. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't look at pictures for any of it. Pure instinct took over and I ended up making more natural looking scenery than I probably would have if I'd looked at pics. The grass was an accident. I don't have very big brushes and needed to fill in a flat green before I decided what to do with it. So, I started making strokes and they ended up layering over each other in that way. Standing back after I filled it in, not only did I decide to leave it like that but copied it for the other two walls.

Same with the trees. The flat green I put down was full of strokes and streaks so I went in with a lighter green and made thick blobs and dabs that looked too thick. So I spread them out and it ended up looking like the blotchiness of leaves as seen from far away. Added another layer of black-green and then regular dark green over top of it and it ended up looking foliagey. Ended up doing the same with the grass, just finding lighter greens acting too thick against the flat layer and using other shades to soften them by dabbing the brush. And the trees in the foreground, I just took my brush and did different shades of brown making lines against a layer of flat brown. Over and over, different shades of brown, just slithering lines up against each other.

Then finally, the water was a very similar process of layered lines starting from light going to dark. Then I added the white dabs for a shine and thought that up close it looked weird. Stood back and looked at it, realizing what I'd done! The entire thing was an example of what happens when I surrender to the talent, rather than getting bogged down in "what it's supposed to look like."

 This is the only full picture I have of the flowers I completed so far because coloring the fairies doesn't show much of a difference overall except when closeups are taken. They turned out better than expected and easier than I thought, as I'd been stressing a little bit, having never painted flowers before. Apparently, it is super easy to make flowy strokes and still look legit.

 Mommy unicorn and the little prince of the garden half finished! All I have to do is their hair, horns, and feet. They are plain white, by the way. That white is straight from the can. I made the artistic choice to make their shadows peach to match the flowers and it turned the rest of their coats a soft, creamy peach-white tone. Absolutely beautiful.

 So, I've basically been working on this every day for the past 2 weeks and still am not done because of this! Guess what I found out?? Mixing red and blue oil paint makes gray! Yeah. I thought it looked a little dark in my cup but really noticed something wrong once I put it on the wall. I googled tutorials for making purple and found out cyan and magenta are the colors you mix to get that particular color. So, now I have to go up to Sherwin-Williams tomorrow and buy some cans of cyan and magenta in order to finish the murals.

 After that, I should be done. Just two more days I think and then it'll be finished. I'm still sad about losing the Nemo mural but this has turned out to be a gift in disguise and I am so proud of all of it.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Book Three Released!

Here we are again, for the final time! The publishing of Book Three of the Into the Night Land series! The series consists of 3 books and this is the last one.Book Three will remain on sale until January 20th, so, get it while it is cheap!

Amazon Page ($15.99) On sale right now for $10.50
Kindle Page ($2.99) Also available on Kindle Unlimited for $0.00.

This book series is a dark, erotic romance in a post-apocalyptic setting. The characters start out as flawed and through their journey and trials together, they grow and their relationship develops. Also, our apocalypse is unique with nightmarish creatures and body horror aberrations nearly wiping out the entire human race. Join us during our protagonists ups and downs as they try to survive in this new world. Read and review!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dream: Horses Feet

It happened again. This time I actually lucid dreamed out of 4 times in my entire life.

So, instead of the Daycare, in the dream, I was working on a commission for this family with two little daughters. They let me stay over while I worked on it and the dream starts with me getting up in the morning and doing my usual phone update and internet bullshitting over breakfast. I was reading some posts in a conversation and wanted to finish them but the mother of the family, who looked like a brown haired Cara Buono(basically Mike Wheeler's mom from Stranger Things), told me to get to work soon. She wasn't mean about it but I did get the sense that I didn't want to sit around for too long bullshitting in front of her because that might look unproductive and unprofessional.

So, I told her I would and took my phone with me into the other room to finish reading the text conversation. The two girls of the house were playing in the other room and spoke to me but I don't remember what they said. In the kitchen again, the husband of the family who looked a little like Steven Crowder, had a few big pieces of paper that he and his wife were inspecting together. They looked like diagrams of a horse, anatomically stripped down and seen from above or below but they were acting like these were X-rays. They marked one of the feet on these diagrams as a "problem" to fix and nodded in agreement with go-get 'em optimism.

Next, I'm back in the other room getting my paints ready and I see through the doorway into the kitchen which is now separated by a screen door, the husband and wife bring in a horse through the kitchen and crossing through another doorway that led to a different, unseen room. The horse had a severe limp, like its left front leg was broken at the ankle and it was just dangling like the loose end of a sock as it walked through the kitchen. I remember thinking how nurturing and just generally cool the couple were, overwhelmed with their love for this wounded animal as the husband cradled its face in his hands and coached it to follow him, walking before it backwards into the unseen room, and the wife helping keep the horse steady as she walked beside it, also cooing words of love and encouragement.

The turning point happened when they were gone into the other room and I looked at the floor and saw horses feet, cut off from the ankle, sitting in bloody smears and puddles on the kitchen floor, like slippers that had come off its feet as it made this trek across the kitchen. They still stood upright, about 4 or 5 of them and I thought that was weird. Then the husband and wife were coming back, directing the horse back through the kitchen towards the outside door. This time however, the entire front of the horse was gone, like part of a video cut out, and it was leaving feet behind again, pulling full footed legs from decapitated feet it left sitting upright on the floor as it walked. And the back end of the horse moved as if it was normal, like there was nothing amiss with the front end. That's when I became aware that I was dreaming.

Excited and very fond of the couple that had taken me in for a commission, I bit my lip and opened the  screen door, approaching the wife who stood at the counter making something while her husband dealt with the disembodied horse. I told her, "This is my dream. I'm dreaming." and there was this slight lisp to my voice, a very vague difficulty speaking. I had her attention and I asked her, "What part of me do you represent?" because I was interested and wanted to hear what this inner part of me had to say. She didn't deny it at all and in fact wasn't surprised, talking as if we were picking up from a conversation we'd already been having, saying, "We're your desire."

I kick myself now because she continued to talk and I heard some of it but my panic began right around then as her voice started to fade out, so, now, I don't remember any of it. After her voice started to fade out, she began to grow smaller, as if pulled away from me, and the visage of a cat was close, right up against my face on the left hand side. I apologized to her, shouted that I loved her and thanked her but I couldn't hear her. She did not seem angry before I awoke. Seems whatever she had to tell me, I was a little scared to hear subconsciously. It might be worth it to find her again now that I'm conscious and listen to her message.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Part 2 of EoP started!

Ahhhh. Sorry. This is horrible upkeep, I know. But it turns out, I can't do analysis type blog posts and write creatively at the same time. I either think about things in a "tear it apart" type way or I get into "storymode" and the two are supremely incompatible. So, sorry, for those who follow this blog or keep up with it at all. I promised a lot and delivered none of it. But no news is good news because now, I've come to tell you that the first book of EoP is finished! At least the draft is. I'm now working on part 2, which is also being posted to FictionPress under the title Witchy Witch, In My Head .

Yeah! Blood effects GIMP style! I'm having a lot of fun with this new story and now I feel confident enough that I can pretty much write anything on my own now. So, that's a plus!

One thing worth mentioning is that I also can't write creatively and paint at the same time...but I'm gonna try. I have some new commissions I'm working on this month and it's a tight deadline so I'm going to be working my fucking ass off to get them done. And in between painting days, I'm going to try writing. We'll see how it goes. Either way, my production is going to slow way, way down. *tear*

Sorry this has gone way on the back burner. Even when EoP is completely done, I hope to just keep moving on to new projects. This marketing business is too troublesome and I realize that people don't like me, lol. So, fuck it. I'll paint and write and if you read, that's great but I'm not going out of my way to advertise. It goes against my nature.